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Our Founder

Dan De Vaul

My name is Dan De Vaul. Sunny Acres is my creation, and it is my life. Here is my background, and how I became involved in what has become my life's work:

  • Founded Sunny Acres in November 2001. 
  • Live on site, and actively participate in the day-to-day operations of Sunny Acres. Our Founder - Dan De Vaul
  • Born in San Luis Obispo and lived in the area, with my family, through high school and a year of college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.
  • Grew up in the house shown to the left above. My father farmed various properties in San Luis Obispo, including the property that is now the location of Sunny Acres.
  • Moved to Phoenix in 1966, working several jobs and developing my skills in various trades.Sought out and lived a “fast life,” a life destined to encounter serious challenges of my own making.
  • In 1970, was involved in a serious automobile accident, and suffered a broken neck.  For approximately an eight month period, was quadriplegic, eventually recovering to where ambulation was possible, with the lingering effects of partial right side paralysis.
  • As a result, became addicted to painkillers.
  • Kicked them, became addicted to alcohol.
  • Kicked alcohol, have been clean for 20 years.  10 years without cigarettes.
  • Enjoy working with my hands, having others to assist me, and teaching them.
  • Continued my father’s tradition of providing work and a place to live for people.  Built Section 8 housing in Phoenix.  At Sunny Acres, we have been as high as 73 residents.
  • Am totally dedicated to Sunny Acres, and to making it the most successful clean and sober facility in the area.

Our concept works.  Let us prove it to you.